All Purpose Seasoning

Does your family have a favorite restaurant? We definitely do. We’ve celebrated birthdays, baptisms, retirements, graduations, the big things, and the little things at this place. We know the waiters, the bartenders, the managers, and owners. It’s really is like walking into our second home. One night (after a lot of wine I’m sure) we ended up with a huge container of their seasoning to take home. It was amazing, and so nice to have a little taste of our favorite place at home!

Now that we are all grown ups (well…that’s what we tell ourselves) with jobs, and kids we don’t get to go to our place as often. I was never sure when the next time I was going to be able to go grab some seasoning so I decided that I needed to make my own. I can’t say that mine tastes exactly the same but it’s pretty dang close, and that’s good enough for me! I keep a mason jar full in my spice cabinet and put it on everything from roasted potatoes to pizza! I don’t want to make this every week so I normally double or triple the recipe.

Seasoning is one of the most important parts of the cooking process and will enhance the flavor of your dishes, so don’t be afraid to use that salt and pepper. Quick Rant: If you are seasoning your dishes with table salt, stop. Table salt is too harsh tasting and its tiny grains make it very hard to control the amount you use in your dishes. Rant over!


I keep a salt cellar next to my stove filled with kosher salt that way I have easy access to it when I’m cooking. The one above is not the one I use, but it’s beautiful if you are looking to add one to your kitchen! I promise once you make the switch to kosher you will definitely be able to taste the difference in your meals and you won’t go back to table salt!

As always let me know if you make and use the seasoning or if you decide to make the switch to kosher salt!  Tag me on instagram and use the hashtag #graceandwineeats.

All Purpose Seasoning

Prep Time: 5 minutes


2 Tbsp Kosher Salt

1 Tbsp Coarse Ground Black Pepper

1/2 Tbsp Dried Basil

1/2 Tbsp Dried Parsley

1/2 Tbsp Dried Oregano

1 tsp Dried Thyme

1 tsp Dried Rosemary

1 tsp Red Pepper

1 tsp Sugar


    Add all ingredients to a mason jar, a bowl with a lid, or even an old seasoning container.

    Close lid and shake to combine.

    Use on everything!


It's really important to use kosher salt and coarse ground black pepper in this recipe! I promise if you aren't already using these you will not go back to using regular salt and ground black pepper in your dishes!