In My Kitchen | week 1

In my kitchen is a series that I will be featuring every Friday. Each week I will feature either a favorite cooking tool and the ways you can use it, a kitchen hack that could help make your time in the kitchen more efficient, or a roundup of things I’m loving that week.

Am I the only one that has that one kitchen drawer full of stuff you never use but can’t bring yourself to throw away (you do have one of those right? maybe just me…). Well in my kitchen drawer full of crap lives my microplane zesters, which is the kitchen tool we are going to be talking about today!

one + two

Doesn’t matter which you use, or if yours looks any different! They all can achieve the same results. I never, ever used my zester until a few years ago. If a recipe called for lime, lemon, or orange zest I would usually leave it out (don’t be lazy like me, it really does enhance the flavor of the dish!)

Quick story, my kids LOVE meatballs, and to add flavor I dice up some onion and add it to the meat mixture and cook like normal. As they got a little older I noticed they would open up the meatball and pick out every single piece of onion! You see these meatballs aren’t just for my kids, Stuart and I are eating them too, and there’s no way I was leaving out the onion. The next time I made meatballs I knew I had to get creative and sneak the onion in! As I was rummaging through my drawer of kitchen crap I came across my zester. I zested my onion right into the meat mixed it up and they never, ever knew! Hooray for mom!

Garlic is another food that the zester works grate on… a little kitchen humor for your Friday. The garlic looks more mashed, but is still easily broken up once its in a pan or a sauce. Also, this grated garlic mixed in with some softened butter and put on toasted bread is to die for.

I think my most favorite way to use the zester is for grating my butter for homemade biscuits. If you’ve ever attempted to make homemade biscuits you know that you need really, really cold butter and it needs to be in tiny pieces so that you can quickly work it into the flour. I used to just freeze some butter and throw everything into my food processor, and let it do it’s magic, but I’ve found we much prefer the texture of biscuits when we incorporate the butter by hand rather than the food processor.

A buttermilk biscuit recipe is in the works but for now if you have a recipe you like just freeze butter, grate it into the flour, work quickly to incorporate it into the flour and then put the dough in the fridge to cool and rest for 10 minutes.

And there you have it! A few new ways to use your zester, so next time you clean out the kitchen drawer be sure to not throw that little tool away!

Have a great weekend friends!