Friday Favorites


Did anyone else feel like today was neeeeveeerrr going to get here? I woke up yesterday morning thinking it was Friday, until the boys Mimi came to get them and I realized it was only thursday..wah.

I thought I would put a little list together of things that I’m loving from the past week.

This Skillet Chicken Lasagna looks absolutely amazing!

Just picked up a set of my favorite kitchen towels this week.

This post had me crying.

If you live in Houston and are ever in the need of yummy homemade bread look no further than The Bread Man Baking Co. 

Reading this right now and loving it!

I’m obsessed with all things lemon so this cake might have to be my big 3-0! birthday cake this year!

If you want to make your Instagram feed a little more beautiful be sure to follow this Instagrammer! 

If you’re a mom or a dad this post is worth the read!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend friends! We plan on showering our friends who are getting married in May, and hanging low the rest of the weekend!




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