Friday Favorites No. 3


We have a jam-packed weekend. Birthday parties galore, baby showers, and working in the garden! I’m hoping to sneak in a nap between the craziness! Until then enjoy a few of my favorite things!

I bought the boys teachers these for an end of the school year present! The journals are currently sold out, but they’re taking pre-orders! I ordered this one for myself!

Planning on making this with the boys next week for their new sensory table!

Finally planted my flowers for my flower garden! Planted these + these. Can’t wait to have a veggie + flower garden this year.

My most worn shoe! Seriously so easy to just slip on and off and they look cute with jean shorts OR athleisure wear!

I’ve been using this, in Rich Caviar, instead of eyeliner and loving it.

Random, but I deep cleaned our house yesterday and used this mixture in our shower and OMG. So cheap, easy to make, and the shower has never looked more clean.

This week was tough, one twin had to go to the hospital Monday, totally fine–he fell and hit his head and was acting funny so we took him in just in case. The other twin spiked a fever on Wednesday + was just not himself for 24 hours. BUT, I had volunteered to cook a meal for a friend who just had twins and ,while you would think I would have felt stressed about it, it honestly made my heart so happy. Serving others shifts your focus off of yourself and what you have going on in your little world and opens your eyes to others needs. This verse about serving is a favorite.

Well friends I hope you have a fun + relaxing weekend!


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